Tradesmen SEO Videos

Jun 19, 2016

Tradesmen SEO Videos

Tradesmen SEO Videos

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  • Some basic advice when it comes to SEO tools, it includes great tips about using Firefox and plugins like SEOQuake etc:

    Another great tool to use is from the guys at SemRush. With a free account they still give you a fair amount of access with some really useful info. Especially useful when it comes to looking at competitors too. Taking this website as an example: phoenix appliance repair and checking this on in June 2016 with the target market of US. It shows use loads of useful information such as the keywords where most of the traffic is coming from. Albeit not totally accurate but working on a calculation that determines how much search volume you will receive for any given keyword based on the position in the SERP that you are. Another feature is the backlink tool checker, which can come in super handy for checking out competitors links.

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